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Bring more light into your home. Trim the hedges around your windows and clean the panes of any grime that has accumulated since last winter. Put your bedside lamp on a timer that turns it on half an hour before you are due to wake up.

Morning depression: Causes, symptoms, and how to cope

Better still, get a dawn simulator they make great gifts , which will gradually light up your bedroom in the morning. Here are a few things to remember in choosing a suitable light box. The best-researched boxes have fluorescent light bulbs behind a screen that filters out UV light, and an illuminated area of at least one square foot. Again, morning treatments are best — the earlier, the better. Like all active treatments, light therapy can have side effects including headaches and eye strain, irritability and insomnia especially when used late at night.

Evidence shows that questioning and confronting negative thoughts and doing things that lift your spirits really do help. Exercise can work wonders, especially if you combine it with bright light — like taking a brisk stroll in the morning or working out in front of a light fixture. Avoid high-impact carbs such as pure sugars or white starches. Low-impact carbs such as unprocessed oats, legumes, almonds and walnuts are better, as are high-protein foods, which help keep sweet cravings down. While there are no published studies to support the value of meditation in Sad, there are too many anecdotal reports to ignore.

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There are limits to self-help. Consult a doctor if your winter symptoms are significantly disrupting your personal or work life, or you are very unhappy. There is a role for medication if symptoms become severe enough. Recognise the problem Early signs can be subtle. Everything feels more challenging when you're dealing with depression.

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Light Therapy for Depression. Morning Depression? Good Vibrations: Energy Healing for Depression. Average domestic or office lighting emits an intensity of lux but the minimum dose, necessary to treat SAD is lux, The intensity of a bright summer day can be , lux. The SAD Lightbox bulbs also emit the full spectrum of light the same as natural sunlight , unlike fluorescent bulbs that emit a much narrower range of colours and thus the clarity is greater and better visual acuity is achieved.

It is for this reason that sitting under fluorescent lighting can be tiring.

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As it is effectively a supplement of Sunlight you cannot overdose on Light Therapy. However we would not recommend using a light therapy product less than 4 hours before you go to bed as this can affect your body clock, resulting in disturbed sleep patterns. Most people find that light therapy is most effective in the mornings.

Some people also benefit from a further light therapy session in the afternoon around when the body takes a natural dip after lunch. If you don't have sufficient time in the mornings, then having a light therapy treatment in the afternoon is better than not using one at all.

We would not recommend using a light therapy product less than 4 hours before you go to bed as this can affect your body clock, resulting in disturbed sleep patterns. In our busy lives it is not always possible to have a SAD light treatment everyday. This is not the end of the world, and you will still benefit from light treatment when you start again.

In the current climate of environmental concerns and rising electricity bills this a common question that we receive. All of our SAD light boxes are very energy efficient:. The products are also very lightweight resulting in a low carbon footprint per unit for importing and delivery to customers.

The LED's are rated at , hours so maintenance costs are zero for the lifetime of the product. Our conventional bulb based SAD lights cost from approximately 0.

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  • Beat the winter blues with these lights.
  • You must also take into consideration that the more powerful models are used for less time each day. The bulbs fitted in our lights last for approximately hours.

    Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300: £125, Amazon

    This means you could use it for nearly an hour a day for six months of the year, and you shouldn't have to replace the bulbs for about 3 years. Lastly, all our lights have a 2-year warranty. Should you have a problem with the product within that period it would be repaired or replaced under warranty. Symptoms would be the same as those suffered by adults.

    It is also perfectly safe to use a SAD Light if there are children in the room whilst you are having a treatment. Children will often be drawn to the pleasant light that is emitted from the products. Please remember that all electrical devices should be supervised when being used by younger children. Due to only small amounts of research being carried out in respect of light treatment and very young children, we do not recommend that babies and very small children use a SAD light.

    Please be aware that these products may not be produced to the same safety standards and can also make unproven claims as to their effectiveness and treatment times. Please do not waste your money or put your health at risk and only purchase products that are backed by specific medical research and safety standards.

    What is SAD?

    If you prefer to buy a white light we would strongly recommend a proven Full Spectrum Unit that is backed by medical research, and not a copy cat small LED product. How should i use my SAD Light? How do i choose which SAD Light to use? What Is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

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