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Switch to new thesaurus. To walk with exaggerated or unnatural motions expressive of self-importance or self-display: flounce , peacock , prance , swagger , swank , swash.

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The cock strutted about the farmyard; The man was strutting along looking very pleased with himself. Mentioned in? Birds brace bracing brank bridging Butting joint buttress cakewalk choreography cock cock of the walk cockade cone conical cornet dolphin striker flounce framework gait. References in classic literature?

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Nay," said Rob, "but you are a good fellow by this token, and if I win not, I hope you may keep the prize from yon strutters. View in context.

It pulled in moans, ahead of MoneySuperMarket's strutters vs builders at No2, the Advertising Standards Agency's annual figures reveal. We've ad a complaint; Top 10 upsetting commercials. The strutters who had become stutterers had reverted to nature and condemned a chasing Huddersfield to the uncertainty of the play-offs.

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Benitez needs thumbs up from Ashley to splash out; at least 'half a dozen' new players are needed. Or, maybe you wait for the boss down the black?

Do you cal your mam an Sundays? If you speak with a Northern Cities Vowel Shift NCVS accent you might sound this way, and it has our linguist nerds pushing up their glasses with anticipation. RELATED WORDS know-it-all , egotist , windbag , boaster , blowhard , brag , bragger , swashbuckler , exhibitionist , blatherskite , braggadocio , peacock , show-off , gasbag , trumpeter , raver , grandstander , hotshot , ranter , bigmouth. Nearby words strung , strung out , strung up , strung-out , strunt , strut , strut one's stuff , struthers , struthious , strutting , struttingly.


Idioms strut one's stuff , to dress, behave, perform, etc. Strut and swagger refer especially to carriage in walking. Strut implies swelling pride or pompousness; to strut is to walk with a stiff, pompous, seemingly affected or self-conscious gait: A turkey struts about the barnyard. Swagger implies a domineering, sometimes jaunty, superiority or challenge, and a self-important manner: to swagger down the street.

Examples from the Web for strutter Of course Peter said he did, and that was sufficient excuse for Strutter to show off.