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I can safely say Sebastian is my favorite one so far. He had a specific vulnerability that is my weakness when it comes to being drawn to a character. And I loved how he was unapologetic with the path he chose. Envy is a story of unrestrained ambition. F BR With Loyda. View all 9 comments. No, i think i know!!!! I'm furious and disappointed!!!!

With Sebastian!!! Don't get me wrong!!!! The author did a great job delivering this story, but unfortunately, Sebastian wasn't a loveable hero, at least for me!!! I wish he were But it didn't feel that he could be redeemed after all!!! And i believe that from all these men, he will be my least favorite when this series will be over!!! To kill. I did what I had to do. What everyone will have to do to join The Elite. Lie, cheat, deface. In the previous book, we got to know Sebastian, aka Envy, a little bit more and he was showing like a nice guy And even though, the ending was sketchy, i believe that there was a good reason about what happened there But unfortunately, the answer was the obvious one, even though i didn't want to believe it!!!

He had many obsessions and stalkering ways to get what he wanted He didn't earn his place in the Elite, but he forced it upon them Sebastian's task wasn't like the rest of the others God, this man was giving me chills!!! He has no morals to put some brake on him!!! My task is done It could be much worse. We're the guys who play God without permission, after all. I'm so infuriated with him He could have potentials, but he blow everything up with his awful actions!!!

And damn Poor Sam, poor Sab!!!! Poor Patience!!! My heart was breaking for them!!! Not even that ending didn't manage to make me like him!!!! Yep, i didn't like his fate at the end, because i think that this wasn't the solution!!! Hopefully, Wrath will put his hands upon him!!!! Warning me. A motherfucking promise. He's coming for me. And I fucking deserve his wrath. Unfortunately, i won't do it after all!!! I was expecting different development and i took something different and I'm sorry but I can't share anything with you!!!! Honestly, I can't wait for the next book and Micah's story and I'm crossing my fingers to like him at the end!!!

Because Sebastian hasn't deserved the likeness that i was supposed to give him!!! It seems the whole Elite has been shaken by the hands of the devil. I guess the question is, can we handle the rock? View all 16 comments. To be a member, is one of highest honor. Once you are selected, you must pass initiation.

And meet the brotherhood. Your brothers in arms. A bond so lethal it is unbendable and unbreakable. The Seven Sins. My name is Sebastian Westbrook. Even though he already had so much, he still wanted what others had. He desperately wanted to find a woman who accepts him for him and loves him the way he needs. Sebastian has been the hardest character for me in the Elite 7 to connect with. The author did an excellent job of portraying his darkness but there was not a great deal of romance in this book.

Sebastian Aka Envy, had some tendencies that creeped me the hell out, his lack of guilt was difficult to swallow. This series is so unique, I am hooked line and sinker. I cannot wait now for the next book! Liked my review? Mar 24, Sabrina rated it really liked it Shelves: arc-edelweiss-netgalley , give-it-to-me-dark-and-twisted. I loved the thriller type vibe it had and that it was almost like reading a book through a serial killers mind. There's no doubt, Sebastian was more than a little unhinged but damn if I didn't find it intriguing.

There was no telling what he would do to get what he wanted and that's what made it so captivating to read. As a whole, this book was full of mostly just scenes that were featured in the previous books, which I would usually find annoying, yet I didn't. Sebastian had such a unique POV on everything that had already happened that sometimes it felt like reading something completely new and I really enjoyed that.

I feel like this book definitely proves there is a lot to come from this series so I can't wait to find out what else will happen. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. View all 5 comments. Mar 23, Jemima rated it liked it Shelves: arc I am literally scratching my head after having read this Envy. Sebastian's character definitely exuded his sin en point but other than that.. Sebastian freaks me out There were so many moments that made me really uncomfortable with his creepy, overly needy, stalker-ish vibe.

As I am literally scratching my head after having read this Envy. As I was readying through the book, I noticed the book coming to an end and wondering whether I got an unfinished copy of the book because I really didn't understand where the story was headed and why the book was ending without there being any romance. To be honest Sebastian was a dud for me. I'll be honest, the only reason I am hanging on to this series is the last three books.

Three more deadly sins by three of my favourite authors. Envy has left a bitter taste in my mouth. View all 6 comments. Apr 05, CC rated it it was amazing Shelves: darkish-to-depths-of-hell , thriller-suspense-mystery , bad-boys-mc-fighters , action , damaged. Standing out from the previous books, Sebastian i 4.

I also liked how the plot deviated in from its predecessors by allowing for more development and intrigue. Envy is a story about a man willing to do whatever it takes in search of achieving his dream. View all 10 comments. I have no idea what just happened… because nothing exciting actually occurred, except this character becoming so unhinged and deranged, he succumbed to unexpected self-destructive ways. Sebastian Westbrook embodied his given sin—despite having a handsome appearance, a charming persona and unlimited riches, he is envious, consumed by an obsession to possess something everyone appears to have: a romantic relationship.

Rather, he is callous, cruelly malicious and apathetic when engaged with anyone. However, Sebastian's unique perspective on situations made this redundant feature somewhat more bearable. Follow me on: Blog Instagram This book was not a romance. It was so different from the first three books, but I think it worked perfectly with the whole story. Sebastian was I felt sorry for him. He was just a villain looking for love. I didn't get all the answers I wanted, but I did get some of them. This was my first M. Forgy, and I have to say I really enjoy her writing style—her crazy side is fascinating so gimme all her books, please.

Envy by M.

How to respond to the Inner Rebel

Forgy is the fourth book in The Elite Seven series. This novel is told in Sebastian's point of view! I have been waiting for this book since I found out about this series! Forgy is one of my favorite authors so saying Envy was my most anticipated from the series would be a complete understatement. I've been dying for Sebastian's story since I w 4.

I've been dying for Sebastian's story since I wrapped up Lust and I have to say, Forgy did not disappoint! Sebastian is a very complex character.

Jealous of Pretty Women? Turn Your Envy into Inspiration

Let's just say, this man fits the role perfectly. I couldn't get enough of his story, he's a master manipulator and I freaking loved watching the way his mind worked throughout the situations he would get himself in. When I thought I would have the story mapped out and predicted, Forgy would send it in a whole different direction.

With that being said, I saw nothing coming. I was completely stunned by the sequence of the novel. And that cliffhanger Overall, Envy may just be my new favorite in the series! All the angst, danger, and twists made for a compelling and highly addictive read! I can't wait to see what trouble these boys get into next! View all 4 comments. Jan 19, Mirjam rated it really liked it Shelves: crime , college , mf , dark , suspense , drama , erotica , dea-to-z. I am ENVY Sebastian has all the material comforts in live, he has riches, health, happiness but is desperately seeking for the one woman who will be madly in love with him.

He is totally different fr Those who envy have no peace. He is totally different from his brothers and is unapologetic about who he is and what he wants. It's funny how people think that unknown evils lurk at night, but it's the ones that blend in during the light of day you should really be worried about. While I was a bit surprised with the task Sebastian got from the she-Lucifer incarnation, I was glad he made it into the Elite without a hitch.

I did wonder if he had gotten a similar task as the other three, if he would have completed it with the same ease and glee. Envy's story is a shocking one, but I think I know where this is going and must say, if that is true, this was a brilliantly set twist. Part of the The Elite Seven Series and are best enjoyed when read in order.

The love stories are complete in each book, but the back story carries on throughout the series. Augustine, and you will be joining the ranks of the most powerful and influential members of society. View 2 comments. In ENVY, this series takes a sharp turn and flies into the dark side!!!

Also different from the rest, this book ends with a fabulously disturbing cliffhanger. I have 2 complaints about this book: 1. There words missing, extra words added, TO used instead of TOO, and quotation marks in the wrong places. Sebastian even recalls something about his parents when it was actually his aunt and uncle. ENVY could have been waaaay more explicit. If this book had been written by Dukey or Webster, the dark scenes would not have been fade to black; the crime scenes would have been graphic and detailed. But at the same time I felt sorry for him because all he wanted was to be loved.

He is dark and twisted, lethal, obsessive and just all kinds of messed up. I was slightly disappointed with the lack of romance aspect in this book though. That being said Even with all the plastic surgery which haters say make me "fake," it's the real me that my fans are in love with. Plastic surgery isn't any different from plonking pounds of make-up on your face anyway. You're still enhancing looks. Look at my boobs, my ass, my perfect face. My mama was right: Looks are Worth.

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Also by This Author. Jealousy is only a signpost, to guide you to a place where you feel lacking. Think about how you can fill that lack by being authentic to who you are, to your body, to your beauty, and then sharing that with the world. Most importantly, forgive yourself for feeling jealous. Women need each other. And, likewise, I validate and support and uphold the women in my life, I increase the courage and strength of women everywhere, every time I let a beautiful woman be beautiful, a strong woman be strong, a pretty woman be pretty; every time I let me be me.

This post has generated a lot of strong feelings, and discussion over the past ten years. We often tense up and contract in the face of this resistance. My Inner Rebel Worksheet teaches what resistance feels like in your body, what it has to tell you, and how to care for it. Gain confidence in discerning the different ways resistance arises for you.

Download Inner Rebel Worksheet. Though this was written in February and its now July, it ministered to my spirit tremendously. The quote, "addicted to being the prettiest woman in the room," hit me like a ton of bricks. I have spent so much time, focus and energy wanting, needing, demanding attention and compliments that I literally fell into depression when I didn't receive it.

I asked God to free me from this because I know He wants to use me to encourage other women. He is freeing me and He led me to your website. I am going to get the book you mentioned tonight. Its time to start realizing, "God dwells within me, as me. This was a really in depth article on self -acceptance. I have been on the receiving end of much hatred, even before someone has gotten to know me.

And naturally myself I have found myself jealous of other women who seem to have a perfect body, or look hotter, etc. I had an old co-worker and while when I first met her I treated her as a co-worker or even potential friend but then she became really strange and crazed and would give me dirty nasty looks and hostility. I wound up strongly disliking her, and competing with her on some weird level. It wasn't that she was that pretty it was just that natural female competitiveness.

However I'm going to try to be more aware of my behavior and others. Sometimes I'll see even a photo of some gorgeous girl on that net or in passing and I'll feel instant jealousy or insecurity but that comes from not really accepting myself. I can't thank you enough for this article. A once confident young girl, I would have never imagined college would turn me into the insecure woman I am today. It's amazing and horrifying how being assigned a gorgeous roommate freshman year has greatly altered what I see in the mirror. Today, in many ways, I feel more like a little girl than I did in highschool.

This article spoke so much of what I've been too ashamed to admit to myself. Really, this meant a great deal to me. Interesting comment. I know men like pretty women. Even my husband, who does treat me like I measure up, acknowledges that he admires other pretty women besides myself. At first, I was stung by this. Then I realized, why not? One thing that helps me is complimenting other women very freely and appreciating their beauty. Comparisons are cruel. To everyone involved. Any other thoughts on this matter, readers? This is a great point — there is so much judgment and discrimination in our culture around beauty and appearance, and also around women and ageing.

This can often make me feel separate from, jealous of, or judged by others — and yes, it is so painful. I find it helpful to relate to my feelings of jealousy as a feeling of longing — a desire to belong, to be loved, and to be seen. That helps me feel more accepting of the jealous feelings for they are not easy to feel!

And that is not all — as you so poignantly wrote, may we yearn for a society where our true selves can be seen and loved, where we are not judged by our appearance, mental health, economic status, race, gender, and more. I am with you! Lastly but certainly not least, I am sorry for those times when you have not felt seen or loved, when your beauty has gone unnoticed and unappreciated.

I can imagine how painful that is for you, and how much it hurts. If my article contributed to your pain, then I am also in the wrong. I like this article,it tells us not to be jealous,we should find ourselves,show the public which is the ture us. Great article, I agree with you! I think most women including myself have felt a sense of jealousy, as jealousy is a typical human trait.

I was sick, and jealousy is a sickness as well. But like most diseases, it can be healed through prayer, emotional support and determination. Jealousy tends to stem from low self-esteem, and general internal dissatisfaction. Before, I got married, I felt very sexy, and I would always get noticed by men in clubs or elsewhere. So, I started feeling unhappy, and I realized that my unhappiness was stemming from my low self-esteem, so I once again, started dressing up, applying make-up and overall take care of my appearance.

Professional envy. Or, Damn all the words. – Brey Willows

Sorry for the book, but I really like this topic and I wanted to add a few more things. We, as human beings love beauty and anything that looks of aesthetic value to the eye. However, I have issue having female friends, they seem to be jealous of me for some reason. I feel bad about making these women feel uncomfortable, but I am being myself, I cannot be someone else just because I make someone feel uncomfortable. I grew up surrounded by mostly men plus I work with mostly men, and I feel very comfortable talking to men, and women for some reason dislike me.

Go figure! This article was like a Godsend. I have just had a huge argument with my boyfriend of 2 years.

I’m pretty average for a console player...

Basically, I have always had self-image and body-image issues, and been perfectionistic to the point of self abuse. However, despite being with a guy that loves me and treats me wonderfully, I am convinced that I am not pretty enough or thin enough or perfect enough. I am paranoid about him encountering other women he thinks are attractive.

Sometimes I feel so depressed about myself that I avoid mirrors. In my job, I am in front of the camera, I am judged on my looks, and whatnot. I can pick problems with every inch of my body other than my hair. I just cannot truly accept or believe compliments. I know I am kind and I treat others well, but I think my appearance is my biggest downfall. I had a breaking point today, and basically broke down. After begging me to try to love myself and understand that he loves me and thinks I am beautiful, regardless of whether or not other women are pretty, I promised to try to change the way I view myself.

I am so thankful that this article was written. It was like you were speaking to me directly. It is wonderful motivation and points me in a good direction to start improving my self-esteem. My husband works with a woman who is 14 years younger than me, a bit taller, a bit prettier and to top it off she flirts and talks dirty to the mostly male employees.

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They have so much in common because work means a lot to him, and she is good at her job, etc. I try to tell myself that I have no control over the fact that they work together and he finds her physically attractive. I hope some day that I can change my outlook. This article and posts make a lot of sense to me, but actually adopting them is harder to actually do. Thanks for this. As I posted on another topic, I have been feeling jealousy toward other women my age 61 who were wiser than I and are still fit and trim and full of energy.

I am filled with self loathing and regret about letting myself get so huge and out of shape. I don't harbor any ill will toward these other women, but I do beat myself up for what I have allowed to develop over the past 7 years. I know that nothing we can say can change the way you feel, although I am sure you are beautiful, amazing, and "turn" many other guys' heads. It has to be you- a moment where YOU finally get it. I just wanted to share a thought that helped me with my jealousy.

The more I just let it go, breathed, relaxed, released control, trusted, had faith…. This was very comforting to read. I really needed to feel at piece with my body and how I look these days. Thank you Karly for this article! This article has been extremely comforting to me, thank you so very much for your investment of time here. I have been wrestling with this very issue more often than usual lately and I have developed a bit of a formula that I say to myself that has proven very helpful.

Here it goes: "She is a beautiful woman, and I am a beautiful woman. She has a different kind of beauty than I do, and I can admire, accept, and appreciate the difference in our beauty and in doing so, I am made that much more beautiful. I really enjoyed reading this article as well as listening to the audio message. Idk, maybe God lead me to this site or something as I was pondering over some things. I will definitely be passing this on! You may find this poem on being "pretty" powerful, by Kate Makkai at the national poetry slam:. I agree that we should never use our jealousy to tear other women down.

I am jealous of beautiful women nearly every hour of my life, but I make sure to say three positive thoughts to them for every negative one, and never let myself speak about their physical appearance in anything but positive tones. But I don't really buy that we can somehow use our jealousy to get to the "beautiful" creative woman within. Sometimes… people really are ugly. And ugly people are treated differently than pretty people. So what if I think I'm beautiful… no body else does. But alot of people i meet in my life do say im beautiful or stunning.

But for some reason I feel average or ugly. I see theese pretty women in the media like katy perry, megan fox and cheryl cole. Women who men seem to be obsessed with and im thinking is this what men expect from me now? With the flat toned six pack, professional amazing makeup and the full collagen lips. It has put me off men for life!!! How can i be this perfect woman every single day? I just cant be that person.

I feel so depressed. It feels like men just cant be satisfied with one woman no matter how gorgeous or kind she is. I used to admire beautiful women, but now i feel ill just thinking about seeing one. My heart falls to my stomach when im with my partner and i see a pretty girl walking by or on TV. I dont feel good enough for anybody. I feel like a failure. I want to look like someone else all the time. Im becoming obsessed. I pray to god to make theese negative feelings go away. But nothing changes. Dont know how much longer i can take it.

I am killing my soul everyday and i wish i knew how to get over it and start beliving what i am told. I have been struggling with being jealous of other womens beauty for a long time now. It is to the point where i hate myself for not being as beautiful as there are and i know i am not cause i really dont get guys lusting or chasing after me. So i am learning to deal with my issues and know that I will be disappointed when it comes to a man cause i am not very fortunate in the looks.

I also have been dealing with this issue here lately.

I have aways been the jealous type. These past few weeks it has really gotten ahold of me. I learned after almost twenty years of my husband working without a secretary that they would be looking into hiring one. He also has a new site that he has to visit and that would be the public swimming pool. Imagine a mans dream to be able to work at a pool surrounded by beautiful and young fit women. I have now started to work out and top of all that tried cutting for the first time. My intentions are not to commit suicide but to relieve pressure.

I used to think why do these kids do that. I am tired of always comparing myself to others. I too am happy I found this website. I want to stop noticing pretty people who in turn make it hard for me to live. I know pretty is around. I know I am not beauty pagent material, but why do men have to make it such a big deal.

With their googoo gaagaa eyes. Thank you again and I will be listening to your video. I think the most important thing to remember is that all of the celebrities has TEAMS of stylists working on them for hours. The stars don't even really look "like themselves! You'll be shocked!

And if your significant other is the type to always lust after the stars show him what they look like without makeup! A lot of men dont realize what a bunch of bs the whole thing is. Men need to be better educated about representations of women in the media. And next time you feel bad about the way you look or anything else, hre's a saying to keep in mind: we weren't created to be all alike, we were created to be ourselves — to fill a place that no one else can fill. When i walk down the street i get stares from men and from women.

I know I am beautiful. Women would sometimes give me very nasty stares. I use to have very low self-esteem but if they staring me down like that it must be something about me that they like. I am the jealous type too. I dont like seeing pretty females. I like to be the center of attention. I dress revealing, and like when guys stare at me and try to get my number. I love my figure. I dont think I can get over my jealous feelings that I have for females.